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Mary, Mother of Compassion

Mary, the mother of Jesus is honoured by many titles and is closely associated with the virtues of love and compassion. Her role as nurturer and mother is part of a historical continuum of feminine energies who exemplify these attributes.

While many are familiar with the masculine aspect of the Divine; throughout the ages selected groups have held the belief that Divinity encompasses both the masculine and the feminine expression. In this belief, both aspects are given high prominence, with the feminine aspect being widely recognized for its nurturing, healing and compassionate attributes.

For the Principle of Balance and Harmony to fully manifest, an equitable relationship must exist between the masculine/feminine expressions.

The Divine encompasses and expresses Oneness and there can be no Oneness if either the feminine or the masculine is denied.

Historically, other cultures have given numerous names to the feminine reflection of the Divine:

* Amaterasu * Athena
* Isis * Kwan Yin
* Minerva * Shakti
* Sophia * Gaia

And they too, are honoured by various titles:

* Mother of Compassion * Mother of Eternal Glory
* Universal Mother * Comforter of the Afflicted
* Morning Star * Mother of Earth and Sky
* Our Lady of Peace * Our Lady of the Prairies
* Queen of Angels * Seat of Wisdom

For some, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is also a reflection of the feminine expression of the Divine.

There have been many reported apparitions of Mary, the most widely recognized being Guadalupe, Mexico (1531) where in walking across the hills Mary greeted Juan Diego by saying 'Am I not here, who am your Mother', and at Lourdes, France (1858) where she identified herself to Bernadette Soubirous by stating 'I am the Immaculate Conception'.

Mary belongs to no race, color or creed and in her apparitions reflects the cultures of those she addresses. Her messages are universal and her essence is love and compassion.

There is no written record of Mary's early years and various traditions give differing stories as to her background.

There are beliefs which hold that Mary was a wise and gifted child whose parents dedicated her to temple service at the tender age of three so that she could prepare for her future role as the Mother of Jesus, the Christ.

There are other traditions that hold she lived as a simple peasant girl and was raised in a similar manner to other children of her time.

Whatever the tradition, there is an esoteric belief that souls which are called to great service invariably undergo a form of initiation, training and testing that prepares them for the purpose at hand. Mary had the sacred purpose of teaching and nurturing Jesus. As mother, she showered her wisdom, love and compassion into the guidance and education of her son. It is this role of mother that has endeared her to the hearts of pilgrims throughout the centuries and has made her a refuge for those who seek understanding, guidance and love.


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